This is now pretty much the only thing I use to contour.
It is cooler than other products which I have used in the past, one being the Sephora matte bronzing powder in the shade deep. Mentioned in this post: (Sephora Haul Dubai)
As it is cooler, it looks more like a shadow on my skin tone and less like a warming bronzer.

The only thing I dislike about this product is the packaging, the cardboard gets murky really quickly and I just prefer plastic casing.


Lately I have been loving Zara, it has become my favourite place to shop.
I decided to treat myself to three pieces which I know I will wear all year round.
I haven't had a chance to get together outfit looks with them on, hopefully I will get round to do them soon.
That being said, I wanted to share what I bought with you before they went out of stock.


Lightweight is ideal for the summer/holiday wear.

I would pair this with my high waisted maxi shirt and long black shirt or the 
blazer I have mentioned below.

This would also be really nice to layer over a simple closed front abaya to add a little depth to the look.

Colour can still be worn in autumn/winter, layered with a leather jacket.


Perfect to wear open as well as closed.

I would pair with my wide leg black pants/maxi skirt.

Lightweight is ideal for the summer/holiday wear.

Deep colour can still be worn in autumn/winter, layered.

On Sale // Now £34.99

I have been looking for the perfect light weight jacket/blazer to wear with more formal outfits instead
of my leather jacket which I wear all the time.

The uneven hem is a style that I find flattering, as it flows with an outfit and doesn't look 'blocky'.

It isn't super lightweight but it ideal for evenings out.

Could be worn with pretty much any outfit as black goes lovely with pretty much everything.

Vanilla Candles // IKEA

My obsession with Vanilla candles from Ikea.

2 Wick 50hr Burn
Sweet Vanilla Scent

This burned quite clean but not as clean as I had hoped with it being more than one wick.
The wicks curled over when half way burned which meant a pretty big chunk got left
that wouldn't burn.

1 Wick 40 hr Burn
Natural Vanilla Scent

These candles always burn pretty clean and are really easy to remove and re use the jar.


Re use your candles as vanity storage, they look a lot nicer than acrylic storage.
On the left is an empty 25hr burn Sinnlig candle which is perfect for my liners and some lip creams.
The one on the right is a 40hr burn candle which is larger and would be perfect for brushes, liners or mascaras.

Silver Rings // Saudi


I recently went on my second trip to Umrah Alhamdulillah.
I didn't buy much, but I can never help myself when it comes to silver jewellery.

I bought some from both Makkah and Madinah.

The ones from Makkah I bought from the random shops/stalls they have in the main mall opposite the Haram.
In Madinah, I went out with hubby and just went hunting for silver rings near the hotel we stayed at.

I thought it would have been cheaper o buy the rings from Madinah, however they actually worked out more expensive.
That being said, maybe if you're a pro at haggling then you may be able to get the prices 
down more than we did haha.





Mini Sephora Haul // Dubai


I picked up a few things from Sephora on my most recent stop over in Dubai.
I made sure I did a list again this time I went, as it does get a little overwhelming with the amount of beauty products and how busy it generally is.
I was in and out of there pretty quick... Which also meant hubby was happy! :P

I like using flat top brushes to contour, I add product to a 1/4 of the brush and apply to give a harsh line and then buff out upwards.
This was perfect for that and is now the only brush I use for my bronzing/contouring.
The brush is also one of the softest I now own!

My favourite liquid eye liner, which is why I needed to buy two to last me until the next time I take a trip to Dubai ;)
For the mini review of this check THIS post.

I love the texture of these lip stains, I previously bought a plum colour which I loved (HERE).
However I have toned down my make up and prefer a less harsh lip, so this time I opted for a nude colour.
It is nice, however I think I would use this more to layer over other lip colours.
It is a liquid consistency which dries matt and lasts for ages.

Cream Lip Stain 02 Swatch

Scrub Down // & Other Stories

I have been waiting to restock up on these for a while, and my skin has really missed them.
I haven't been able to find any better scrubs than these.

They exfoliate really well and at the same time once mixed with a little water they lather up into a creamy body wash.

Here are my mini reviews on the scents I chose...

"Scattered cherry blossom petals after the rain..."

The scents used in this scrub:
Blood orange, cherry and orange blossoms with vanilla and sandalwood.

This was the first ever scrub I bought which made me fall in love with these scrubs.
I think this scent would be an all rounder that would appeal to the older and the younger.
It is a refreshing floral and I will forever re-buy this!

"Deep earthy Oud with a twist of citrus..."

Fresh lemon, ginger with woody depth of moss and amber.

This is a scent I haven't tried before and I think this will become a firm favourite.
The scent reminded me of something and I asked hubby who pointed out it smelt like his 
Mukhallat Oud with a hint of lemon.
This particular Oud of hubbys' and lemons are both favourite scents of mine!

"Frothy vanilla soda on a rebellious rose bouquet..."

Tiger orchid, lotus flower, nutty almond and sweet tonka beans with tree moss and tangerine.

How much I liked this scent surprised me the first time I used it, it is sweet and I don't like sweet!
It has an edge of sophistication that I like but I can't quite put my finger on what it is that it reminds me of.
Even if you are not into sweet smells, give this a try... I ended up getting two of these.

At £7.00 a pop they are worth the money, however it is just the shipping that puts me off buying online!

Please open a store here in Manchester!

A big thank you to my friend for buying me these as a surprise when I got back from my trip away with the family :)

Roller Lashes // Benefit + Elle

Super Curling & Lifting Mascara

I have a review coming up of the Charlotte Tilbury mascara which I made the mistake of buying recently instead of my usual 'They're Real' favourite by Benefit.
+ a sample size in a magazine that costs £4.00 is a bargain!

The launch of the Roller Lash mascara is not until the 12/02/15.

I felt this was a good way for Benefit fans to get a feel for the product before it is available to buy.

Close up of the 'Hook'n'Roll' brush which has plastic bristles like the They're Real mascara which worked well for me.

The hook style of the brush is designed and positioned to catch, lift and curl the lashes.

Here is what the mascara looks like on my lashes after curling both right and left with my primark eye lash curlers.


I am in love with the results!

The look it gives is not as dramatic as 'They're Real', instead this mascara emphasises the curl, hence 'Roller' in the name.
The way it curls the lashes opens up the eyes and makes them appear longer.
 I have big eyes but straight and thin lashes so applying this definitely makes them pop, making me look more awake.
There is also no clumping at all and I think that is due to the design of the brush which separates the lashes well.