Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf Hijab : MH Couture

I bought this hijab not knowing how much I would love it.  I'm not a big fan of sparkle however it turned out to have a very subtle shimmer of gold dust.  Very fine gold glitter but doesn't rub off!
One of my must haves.
Great to glam up an outfit and amazing to wear with Desi clothes (i.e. black outfits that have gold embroidery)

Also, I wore the 'Velvet Touch' Hijab around my neck to add some depth and coverage :)
(I will talk about my obsession over this hijab in another post ^_^)

See this outfit here.
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  1. love it!, and the make up too :)

  2. Jazakallah Khair hun! ^_^


  3. masha'Allah <3 this. I have the same hijab from MH lol, came acorrs your blog from there facebook. But how did you wear the hijab? love it. I still havent worn mine yet...i find it slips off alot but i love it as its the only nice black hijab i have.

    1. Thank you :)
      This hijab is a lil tricky to wear but it is totally worth it lol.
      You have to play around with it but I generally use a few pins as I first pop the scarf on to keep it from sliding and then as I wrap it round I use more pins in various places as I put a few folds in.
      It comes out different every time I wear it lol x