Lush Rehab & Skin Drink

When this brand first came about I wasn't a huge fan, quite possibly due to the fact that I thought the scents in the shop were really over powering!
Until I heard about the 'Big' shampoo, I loved having big hair before I wore hijab and I fell in love with this product. I loved the scent of this.

A couple of months after I began wearing hijab, I felt my hair needed rehydrating as I was afraid my hair  would become frail with it being covered a lot and for this I tried 'Retread' Conditioner.  I will be honest and admit I was lazy with this product as I had to leave it in for a while before washing it out.  However it did work well when I used it.

All these previous hair products aside, the shampoo I am loving at the moment and have bought a number of bottles is 'Rehab'.

Normally with shampoo's you get the 'build up' feeling when you use the same one over and over.  You don't get that with this shampoo.. it cleans your hair thoroughly with a slightly unusual minty scent.  I also feel it strengthens my hair and leaves it feeling soft and healthy.  I have been through a number of bottles of this and don't feel I will tire from it anytime soon! :)

At £11.50 for a pot of 45g this cream is quite expensive, however I have always struggled with moisturisers and this soothes my skin perfectly so I feel it is worth the money.
It has an acquired scent of almonds which I wasn't too keen on at first but it doesn't get to me as much with having gone through around 5 pots!

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