Gina's Black

Black Heels . Gina

As I said I would, here are the heels I wore in my last post 'Long Black Dress & Cake'.

My sister gave me these when she came for my wedding, she had bought them before she had got married (Masha'Allah I think it has been nearly 7 years).  I loved them at the time and remember drooling over them and being shocked at how much she had spent on a pair of shoes!
As she does with her things, she kept these in good condition (must have been because she knew she'd give them to me one day :P.
I wore these on my Graduation the summer gone, I will Insha'Allah post my outfit from that day soon :)


  1. i just came across your blog and fell in love with it... lovely, stunning pics... im follower now so looking forward to reading your posts regularly. you can visit me on


  2. Jazakallah Khair Fatima!
    Ahh, I will check out your blog Insha'Allah! ^_^


  3. Thank you!
    <3 taking detail shots ^_^