Glamour Game Dots

 77004 IV . China Glaze
Glamour Game . O.P.I

I don't wear nail varnish a lot as most of the time I need to do ablution for prayer.
I got the chance to wear it today and this is how I wore it.
The colours don't seem to have come out so true as it was night time when I took it, the China Glaze varnish is more of a highlight coral than a pink.
Hope you like!


  1. Hi, Toni From Fashitects. I use a 5DMark II, lenses vary.. 24-70mm 2.8 and a 70-200 f4 and 50mm 1.8

  2. I love this! The colours are stunning! Did you use a specific tool to do the dots? Usually I dip the end of a hair pin into the nail polish and use it as a dotting tool. Your dots have come out perfectly!
    Thank you for following my blog and your kind comments! Your blog is actually one of my favourites, I love the layout, very chic!
    I am so disappointed the pictures on my blog load up slowly! I will look into that straight away, I do have quite a lot of pictures and widgets etc on my blog. Thank you for telling me! :) <3

    1. Thank Youuh!
      I used a cotton bud! lol I went over the dots twice each time ^_^
      Your welcome hun, its a lovely blog :D
      Your complements are sweet, I love minimal design!
      I had that problem with Dina Tokio's blog, I don't know if you have heard of her? I have a feeling its the new blog theme :S


  3. are those ur real nails? how do u gt them to look so square! lol

  4. Yep they are!
    By filing them really straight and then rounding off the edges just a little :)