Graduation Look and Hijabi Hat Tip!

Cream Chiffon Blouse with Cuff Detail . Warehouse
Black Heels . Gina
(Close up of heels here)
Cream Quilted Clutch .  Topshop

So here is my Graduation outfit from last summer! I Alhamdulillah Graduated in Design & Art Direction a couple of days before my wedding! Gosh was that one busy week!

I struggled a lot trying to find the perfect outfit having to consider how it would look with the gown.
I went for a blouse that had beading detail on the sleeves and down the button strip (knowing that these areas would be showing while wearing the gown.)
This top was quite pricey, I cannot remember exactly but I'm sure it was around £40.  Never the less it was a top worth buying, a little dressy which I can wear to interviews or evenings out :)


Now this was a tricky one, due to me liking volume I was unsure of what size hat to go for or whether I could wear volume or not with the hat.
Trying to keep my volume low I ended up having my scarf pretty much flat when I went to get my gown and hat.  However, the man who set up my gown and hat looked at me and asked me if I wanted to try the largest hat size and see if that fit comfortably.
& it did!
I was able to then sort out my volume and wear it how I normally wear my hijab and I had the added benefit of my hat not sliding off my head ;)
I went for a simple black hijab with a cream hijab underneath showing a little to match my outfit.


Here is a general overview of the products I wore, I will Insha'Allah in the near further do reviews on the make up I use ^_^

Neutral shades to keep it simple and not over-done

Eyelashes . Eldora

Eyebrows . Benefit Brow zings

Deep red to go with the ribbon on the hood of the gown

Subtle peachy colour

I really hope this helps and inspires those who are graduating in the future Insha'Allah!

Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.


  1. Great ideas and good taste.

  2. @Clara why thank you :D
    @Audrey haha thanks ^_^

  3. kjdfbaobfe the cuffed blouse if just SO stunning! Mashallah! That's been added to my currently coveting list!

  4. OMG I just discovered your blog today and am totally in love with it! I'm graduating in two months and have no idea what I'm going to wear that day. Thank you so much for this post!! =)

    1. Your very welcome hun!
      & Thank youuh!
      Hope you manage to find a lovely outfit for your graduation ^_^

  5. I wish I'd been that together at both of my graduations, but I'm only now getting into this whole bright colour thing. I think i'm a little nervous about wearing a brighter lip colour especially in the day time, but I'm going to try it from now inshallah.

    You look amazing mashallah!

    1. Jazakallah Khair hun :)
      Ahh it takes a little getting use to.. all about finding the right shade that you are comfortable in :) Maybe try out pinks first? x

  6. I am graduating from high school and I don't know what to wear under my gown? What are your recommendations? Are pants better?

    1. Oops I hope this reple isn't a lil too late.
      I preferred wearing pants, theres a lot of faff with the gown so pants made it easier.
      However I have seen quite a few people wear maxi dresses & skirts, I would say to wear whatever you are most comfortable in :) x