Long Black Dress & Cake

Dress . Topshop Premium
Gold Leaf Hijab (Closer look here) . MH Couture
Velvet Touch Hijab (Closer look here) . MH Couture
Heels . Gina

So here is what I wore on my Birthday, the last day of 2011! 
I love long black drapey/layered attires! This was a bargain I picked up at a Topshop store on sale before I became a Mrs back in July.  I love it! 

The only two annoying things about the dress:
1. Due to the uneven hem it didn't completely reach down to the floor so I had to wear ruched leggings just to cover that little bit of leg!
2. The neckline was deep, even though I had a top on underneath I didn't feel comfortable without covering it.   I got around this by using my gorgeous Velvet Touch hijab to cover this area which also added a little layering and depth to my look :)

The heels are a hand-me-down from my elder sister and boy do I adore them! I will post a close up soon!
* If you would like to see these close up, click here

Finally, my Birthday Cake baked by Yummy Things in Manchester!! 
A lovely surprise from the hubby :)

Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.


  1. You look absolutely beautiful sister, happy belated birthday!!


  2. salaam sis. u look lovely! wanted to ask which lipstick is that ur wearing? love the colour!

    1. Jazakallah Khair hun ^_^
      On my lips:
      Subculture Lipliner
      Cosmo Lipstick
      & Revealing Lipglass
      (all from M.A.C)