Pins. Pins. Pins.

Thought I would share how I organize and store my hijab pins and safety pins with you all.
I originally began my Muji acrylic storage obsession with their drawers to store my make up, which I bought just before I got married.
I now have a whole set up using Muji's acrylic storage for my jewellery, headbands, make up, make up brushes and palettes.

I'm in love with this particular box as the partitions come out so you can play about with however it suits your needs and it also allows me to have all the pins I need in one place. 

The love heart shaped cushion is actually from one of those nifty sewing kit sets you can buy from the pound shop! & my mum got me this before I got married for emergencies!
I remember saying to mum that I didn't need a mini sewing kit, but mums are always right and a couple of weeks in to being married I needed to sew something for my hubby!
I may end up getting a square shaped cushion just so it fits in snug and so that it can hold a lot more pins.

Hope this was helpful :)
I will try posting the rest of my vanity storage soon!


  1. This is how you know i've been backtracking your blog Heheh. But i remembered seeing those pins somewere!Those brozny, gold, black, silver (glittery) ones are so lovely. I've been looking for something similar for ages!! Are they made with glitter?

    I've been planning to DIY some pins if i don;t find any haha.
    do you mind if i ask you were you got them from? or were i could find them! Woud be lovely to add to Asian outfits! :) xx

    1. I'm chuffed you have been lol..
      I'm silly for not putting down where they were from!

      I got the beady and glittery ones all from a shop in blackburn:
      The Hijab Centre :

      They have a huge range of hijabs but to be honest I don't like the hijabs they sell.. but if you are looking to match a specific colour I guess it would be good for that.

      However their pins are the best I have seen.. they do look d.i.y though, you get these beads on bracelets and they hot glued them to the pin I think.

      But there prices are okish too.. they vary from the sizes but definitely worth the trip for just the pins.

    2. oh and the glittery ones do have actual glitter on them... guess you could do that yourself with a normal fat sphere headed pin.
      To me they just seem easier to buy because they have soo many colours x

    3. Hahha, Jazak Allahu Khair Beauts!

      I had a look at theor website,they do have an amazing range of the glitter ones! I might order some bronzy ones.

      But i'll DIY some glitter ones, seeing as i have sooo much time on my hands HAHA.

      Thankk you again!! Hope your good insh'Allah! xx