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PFDC L'Oreal Paris Bridal Week

I haven't heard of this designer brand before but I am in love with their designs.
They are uber hijabi friendly, the embroidery looks really intricate and the fall of the outfits are lovely.

The long sleeves on the saree just shows how you can wear a saree and be completely covered and modest with it looking elegant.
I have a saree and I remember people saying how having long sleeves would ruin the look of a saree but this just proves me right ^_^ 

I will try and post that saree of mine soon, alongside all the outfits I wore as a newly wed.

Any of you south asians also loving the modest trend in the pakistani/indian fashion?


  1. I am crazy about it! I stopped wearing desi clothes when I got married (to an Arab..made it easier not to worry about it) and b/c it was hard to get where I lived. I do love wearing it, though. Prices are crazy nowadays (at least in Dubai). But I know I need to buy a bunch of these new styles before they are out!

  2. Prices are sky high everywhere :(
    Are you into your fancy Abaya's now that you are in Dubai?
    I have a feeling this style will be in for a little while longer yet, it is just so much more elegant that the short lengths! But I guess it will come back to short and people will wear short lengths for the sake of fashion.
    Wish I had contacts in pakistan where I could get clothes like these made lol.

  3. yea i love the new trends of of indopak clothing more than i can say. and youre right, you dont have to compromise the beauty of a sari by wearing full sleeves because it still looks elegant!

    1. Indeed!
      It bugs me when people think you can't look lovely even when you're fully covered.
      I hope the trends last for aaages!

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