Slouchy Day

Velvet Touch Hijab . MH Couture
Jumper Material Maxi Skirt . A cheapo shop in Stockport Town Centre
(Got this for a bargain! £6)
Belt . UO Renewal
Bag . Nica
Black Stone Ring . Urban Outfitters
Grey Rhinestone Ring . Longsight Market Stall

Thought I'd share my outfit wearing the top I really wanted from Asos which I spoke about in this post!
These photos were taken when I had reached my friends house after our meal, then waiting for the bus in the rain and then catching the train to hers! So excuse me for not looking as presentable as I did at the start of the day :P

I love this top! I love that it is so long from the back that it nearly touches the floor on me and that I can wear it with anything I want and it goes.
Only down side is that I have to wear a long sleeve top underneath as the top isn't full sleeves and where it cuts off makes the arms look a little awkward.
Never the less I would recommend this top!

I bought the skirt when I went on a shopping trip with my mum ^_^
You sometimes find good items in those shops like 'Shout' where the majority of the clothing isn't very nice, but I have found things occasionally that are, however it does take some hunting around.
When I picked this skirt out, my mums words were 'winter is going now, won't you get hot in it'
and my answer was 'Mum it is always cold here and when it is hot, it lasts a week and even that won't come for a few months yet!'
&  a few days later I wore it to my mums and said.. see it's freezing, this is why I bought it ^_^

Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.


  1. You look lovely! Love the skirt and belt combo! And those rings are so pretty, esp the Rhinestone one :) x

  2. Beautiful-per usual! Masha'Allah. Are you wearing the MAC lipstick Amorous you blogged about? x

    1. Hehe I'm chuffed that you guessed that!
      I am.. but I hadn't re-applied it at that point... and it had gone through a tremendous amount of rain so thought I would put up a better post to show it you better close up. Insha'Allah coming very soon :) My hubby already thinks I'm loosing the plot because I'm forever photographing things on the window sill!
      Anyway.. enough of my life lol!
      Jazakallah Khair for your lovely compliment :)


    2. Awwww, it looks lovely-a visit to MAC for me? (Most probably!) Lol. I was waiting for a post with the lipstick, So insha'Allah keep that coming :) & i know what you mean, when you become a blogger, your camera becomes your best friend! Everytime i'm taking pictures and my Mum walks in, i have to pretend i'm doing something else, despite her clearly knowing that i was taking photos! She just gives me a weird look and walks off :/Lol
      Wai'yaki xx

    3. :D It is a lovely colour and I have no doubt you will love it!
      Haha, I know that weird look!
      You see I am always taking photographs anyway because it's what I love doing, but when I'm taking images for this blog he's always like 'Why will people want to see a photo of that?!'
      He obv doesn't get it lol


  3. I love the outfit. You are really good at wearing a lot of visually interesting black outfits. I think the slouchy shirt looks better on you then presented on the asos site. I am still loving that scarf too!

    all the best

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment sis :)
      There is mainly black in my wardrobe! I tried getting into colour and by that I mean, one turquoise maxi skirt and a few items in a deep red colour.
      I've just always been obsessed!
      The scarf is my most worn! definitely worth it.. if you want something similar I know they are bringing out a similar style but with zebra velvet print on it instead of the polka dots. But you will have to keep up to date via their fbook page because they always sell out quick.


  4. I have n obsession with black and dark greys! I am loving this outfit and especially the hijab + bag. You look beautiful as always, Masha'Allah!

    1. Thank you for the lovely compliments hun :)
      Ahh, as do I! I love dark colours! You should post some of your clothes on your blog.. maybe I could get inspiration from you ;)

  5. salaam! you look beautiful mashaAllah, what size did you get the top in?

  6. Jazakallah Khair hun :)
    I'm a size 10 but always tend to go for a 12.. because it will hang a lil looser xX