Angels on Bare Skin

My skin had been really annoying recently, I have been using my everyday face wash by garnier and it''s made my skin horribly dry :(

So I popped into Lush yesterday and asked for a face wash I can use everyday and she told me about this... without realising that I have tried this before I bought it.
When I came home I was smelling it and you know when a smell reminds you of a certain time in you life or a certain event? I had used this around my wedding time! And it reminded me of then :)

I love it! It has bits in it that exfoliates as well as it being really nourishing and milk like.
It feels like plasticine before you mix it and rub it in your hands with a little water.

A plus side to this is that I don't have to keep it in the fridge (as it can get really annoying when you have to pop downstairs every time you need to use a fresh face mask) and it also has a longer best before date than the fresh face masks too.

Because I know it is 100% natural, I feel better using this than a normal face wash because it feels like it is better for my skin.

I have become addicted to Lush!

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