Baby Boy Wear by H&M

My sister in law had a Masha'Allah beautiful baby boy a couple of weeks ago ^_^
I love buying baby clothes, so I couldn't help buying him some really cute pieces from H&M.
I have bought a lot of my nieces clothes from here too.
They are affordable and very trendy... very much like adults clothing styles but in mini versions!

I can't wait to have my own Insha'Allah, I find clothing like this a lot more appealing than the ones that have cutesy illustrations.

Do you have any favourite shops/stores to buy baby/children's clothing?


  1. I have to buy my friend's daughter something too! I particularly love the kids range by GAP so cute and not all that frilly stuff that I really don't like lol! I might make a stop at H&M :) x

    1. Haha, I'm not into frills eitherr... I love zara's clothing too!
      I know my sister that lives in texas loves GAP for her kids too ^_^
      Hope you manage to find something lovely for your friends daughter!


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