Black Stones & Velvet

(Sorry about the last image being a little weird! I don't know what I was trying to do lol, but I thought I would share it because it shows a good close up of the ring and tikka well!)

Black Chiffon Trouser Suit . Chinyere (Burooj Couture)
This is the outfit I wore on my first Eid Ul Adha as a new bride.  The sleeves were see through so I got my auntie to sew on sleeves with thin jersey fabric she got me from the market.  I love the simple thread and bead embroidery, one of my most favourite suits.
Oh btw this is one of the suits my mum got me for when I got married ^_^

Velvet Touch Hijab . MH Couture
Once again my most worn hijab, it just completes my dressy outfits!
I posted this particular way I wore hijab way back in this post where I talked more about this hijab.

Silver Dupatta . From an Old Suit
The layer I am wearing underneath my main hijab is a silky dupatta, it adds to the dressy look and you can match your hijab with any outfit like this if you have a lot of dupatta's.
They can also be so easy and cheap to find if you are trying to match a colour.

Earring used as Tikka . Mikey
I tried to show a close up, there is a little bump where the stud bit is from the earring but I didn't feel it was that noticeable.
I have done this with a lot of earrings, it's a way to use those earrings you use to wear (in my case) or that you don't get to wear enough.  I think it made my outfit and made it look that little bit unique.

Pearl Studded Bangle . Accessorize
This bangle is so heavy!
I didn't over do it with the bangles this time round so I kept it simple with this lovely bangle I got on sale.  Accessorize have some very decent priced gems when it is sale time!

Black Heels . Gina
I love these!
You can see a close up of these in this post.

Gunmetal Stone Ring . Topshop
I bought this a while back, however I saw it in Republic the other day, under the jewellery brand 'Miso'.

Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.


  1. OMGosh... U love so beautiful, mashallah. Love the outfit mashallah. And dont worry the last pic is just to cute, i get what ur doing

    1. I meant look. Typing from my phone is not fun

    2. Aww thank you Kreamah!
      I understood what you meant while I was reading it, I make typing error a lot even when typing from my laptop lol

  2. love it! How did ur aunty sew the sleeves on? as they look like the ones you can buy they don't look sewn on?


    1. Thanks Ziya! ^_^
      I had got my mum to make me sleeves out of tights to match a different outfit (because I hated how short the sleeves are that you can buy and I needed to wear them under a short sleeve shalwar kameez)
      with my mum making me these I had the fitting I needed for my sleeves..
      I gave that to my aunty as a guideline and she got thin jersey material from a cloth stall at our local market and made the sleeves and attatched them to the seam on inside of the arm/shoulder join.

      Would you like me to show you how to make sleeves out of tights? It is super easy x

    2. Also... the reason they had to be sewn right from the top of the arm is because the whole 3/4 sleeve with this kameez is sheer material

  3. Oh.My.God I love everything! You look stunning mashAllah. This is totally right up my street! :P

  4. just beautiful masha'Allah.. love your style! you make an all black outfit look SO nice :)

  5. Yes that wud be gr8


  6. Mashallah you look so stunning! I love the elegance of this look, you are so beautiful, you are such a gem!