Chandi Earrings

Chandi (Pure Silver) Earrings . Mothers Jewellery Box

These earrings are from a shopping area in Pakistan, Lahore called 'Anarkali'
They are back from when she was young, I absolutely adore these.
When I didn't wear hijab, I use to wear these all the time.
I still wear them when I'm at home.. probably the only ones I wear ^_^


  1. cute, chic. Your mom has good taste. I used to wear earrings all the time too, when I wore hijab differently but then I fell in love with wearing the scare the way I do now. I only put on earrings when I am getting dressed up :)

  2. She does! I have taken another pair from her which are bigger and have emerald stones in them.
    I have one favourite photo of her where she is wearing them on the days after her wedding, they just look so gorgeous on her Masha'Allah!
    I wear my dangly/blingy earrings as tikka's now on my hijabs to make use out of them!
    I was wearing an earring in this post:

  3. Love them! I miss Anarkali! It is such a fun place to shop.

    1. I have never been there... we weren't ever allowed when we use to go back in the day :(
      Mum always tells me that they use to have lovely things there!

  4. Chandi ki bali always rock.we have them in karachi too.
    Just found your blog and wanna follow it. but there is no option for that :(.let me know how can I be your follower .

    meanwhile visit mine and follow it.

    1. They doo :)
      When you come onto my blog... at the top there is a blogger bar and it should say 'follow' on it somewhere x
      I will do :)

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