Sugar Blush by 3

Blush by 3 in Sugar . Sleek

I finally got my hands on the Blush by 3 palette I wanted!
Thanks to my lovely friend Za'irah who got it me as a late birthday present ^_^

It is only the middle one 'Muscovado' that has shimmer (but it doesn't look too glittery when swatched) which I'm happy about as I have enough shimmery blushers.

My most favourite is the third blush 'Demerara' which is a gorgeous peachy colour, its a colour you could wear with pretty much any lip colour.


  1. Wow congrats on your new purchase! Mmmmh so I think I might just need to pick this palette up as well lol ;) x

    1. Thank youuh! I have my eye on the 'lace' one now too! lol
      haha, I would say you already have three so u dont need to get more... but these sleek palettes are so worth the money!
      Go on & treat urself ;) lol x

  2. I have this it's the best blush ever!!!well best cheapeset 1!

    can u do a post on asian clothes with a hijab soon! because i never seem to get it ryt plus i'm going to be attending a wedding soon and how do u get the tikka to stick to the hijab without it comeing off?xx

    Love Ziya.xx

    1. It is gorgeous! I'm obsessing over it ^_^ even more than my Nars one atm!

      Yes indeed.. I had that lined up :)

      I use a hijab pin to pin it into the hijab through the links on the chain of the tikka...
      To keep it in place on my forehead (tip taken from the lady that helped me do it for my wedding) either use a little blu tac or put eyelash glue ^_^


  3. Wow, these look so pretty! I still need to buy some blushes. I keep putting that off. I really don't like glitter and shimmery blushes. I am trying to make my make-up look more natural and that just doesn't help!

    Check out my recent post

    1. Ahh I use to have many shimmery blushes when I started getting into make up but I hardly reach for them now that I have discovered matt finishes!
      I would say check out the matt blushers by sleek if your looking into buying some.
      Theres a good range in M.A.C too :)