Sways of Black and Red

Assymetric Black Dress . Topshop
Palazzo Jumpsuit . Topshop
(the colour is a lot deeper in person)
Velvet Print Hijab . Shop in Blackburn
(I don't remember the name but it was an abaya shop near The Hijab Centre, further up the road and it was a corner shop)
Maroon Stone Ring . Stall at Longsight Market, Manchester

Volga Pure Matte Lipstick . Nars
(I put on Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream on my lips before I applied this because my lips were too dry, that is te reason it appears shiny and not matte)

Demerara (from sugar blush by 3 palette, post here) . Sleek

Thought I'd share a dressy outfit where I am wearing some cololur!

I spoke about this Maysaa dress a while back now, this was the first time I got the chance to wear it.
It is very versatile as you can wrap it in different ways, you can see the various ways here by Style Covered blogger and Maysaa's designer Hana Tajima.

The only one problem for me was because I have broad shoulders, it is a bit uncomfortable at the top of the arm area.  This means I can't layer as much as I would like to, but never the less I love this item and I'm glad I bought it :)

Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.

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