Kundan Stones

Tikka . Much More

This was a tikka & earring set that my mum had bought my cousin, but as she doesn't wear tikka's my khala told me to have this tikka because she knows I wear them with my hijab :D
It had another bead hanging from the bottom but I took that off because it didn't really go.
I love Kundan style jewellery, when the design isn't overly done it can look really elegant yet traditional.

The idea of 'more is more' is seen in a lot of south asian jewellery, I think it can over do an outfit or kill the look of beautiful jewellery.  However recently I have seen a few gorgeous small and intricate sets worn by brides which look so much more elegant than the huge ones that use to be worn.

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!
I am having a relaxing time at my mums ^_^


  1. To me Kundan jewels always look classy!!! ur gna have to show us how to wear this with ur hijab style please!!!


    1. They doo!
      I will do Insha'Allah Ziya!

  2. this is gorgeous :)



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