D.I.Y Sleeves

I was asked about how I make sleeves out of tights as the ones I have seen being sold I find are too tight and they aren't long enough if you have short sleeves.

They are super easy to make, I tried my best to explain in the best way I could (excuse the bad drawings lol).

When you are going to buy the tights, ensure they are the most opaque denier tights you can find, these tights in particular I bought from Miss Selfridges.

Step by Step Diagram

Photographs to Show You How They Should Look

Hope this helps you guys that were curious.
You can see what I wore these with here.

(Quick tip : to ensure they don't slide down your arm, pin them to your bra strap)


  1. looks great..i must try it sometime

  2. ironically, i just bought a dress today which has 3/4 sleves and i was looking at how i can make myself some quick DIY sleeves-because i've got a dinner to go to tomorrow, so this is so helpful!! (Brilliant tip!) :D

    1. Woop! Glad you found it helpful ^_^
      Hope you enjoy your dinner out 2day!

  3. Just found you as I follow your tumblr account which I love, but this is ingenius! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! :) Hope you enjoy this blog just as much :)

  4. Hi, I found this video on how to make footless tights as a kind of bolero that I thought I'd share with you:


    I showed my mum your post and she said that footless tights would be easier to cut, and then I searched make arm sleeves from tights and this video came up. So thanks for idea and hope this helps you too!

    I'm going to buy the footless tights from eBay inshallah :).

  5. Thank you for this!
    I actually didn't even think of footless tights lol.
    I like the way this lady did it.. it means the tights dont keep slipping down :)

    Hope tight hunting has gone well on ebay! ^_^ x