D.I.Y Earring to Hijab Pin

What You Will Need

A good quality safety pin of the size you would like your hijab pin to be
An earring with a loop at the top (all hook earrings have this)
Jewellery cutting tool / sharp scissors (using this will take a little more effort)
Jewellery Pliers

Get a good quality safety pin to the size you would like your hijab pin to be

Snap off the side of the pin that has the hook

you will be left with a hoop to attached to the pin to hook on your earring

**missed a step in photo's**
Using jewellery pliers, take off the loop which attatches the earring to the hook part of the earring.
Then again using the jewellery pliers, loosen the loop on the earring and hook onto the loop on your cut safety pin

It should look like this

And here is what mine looked like :)

This particular one I bought from primark last year, but they always have some hidden gems.

Sorry for the bad quality photo but I couldn't find one that I had taken on my camera. :(
You can see how I wore this on the side of my hijab here.

Hope this helps in showing you the many ways in which you can wear earrings as a hijabi!

p.s. sorry I have been away this week, I have been caught up in life lol.
however I do have many posts coming up soon insha'allah :)


  1. Brillaint! And i use to take my old earings to an indian shop, and pay them to attach hooks on for me?! Lol

    Btw sooo off topic, BUT i tried Hershey's Nutrageous Bar! (i saw it at Wwaitrose and it reminded me of you! :P) i didn't like them as much-too much chewing lool, still prefer the peanut butter cupcakes! :) xxx

    1. Ahh, you can save urself a lil money now ^_^ x

      Aww I'm chuffed you thought of me while seeing nutrageous bar! ^_^
      ahh, I'm more of a crunchy/chewy kinda person... oh gosh I made chocolate cupcake with a blob of crunchy peanut butter in the centre, with chocolate peanut butter buttercream the other day!
      I got the recipie off of my friend who runs 'yummy things'... think you would love it!! x

    2. Ooooooo Yum! Would you mind passing it onto me please :) hehe (i feel so cheeky for asking lol) xx

  2. Love this idea masha'Allah youre so creative ! :)

  3. MahAllah i lovethis:) very good idea! :)