Figs & Rouge

Rouge & Figs Lip, Face & Body Balm

This is amazing on the lips!
It has a distinctive smell but I don't mind it so much.

How I know it actually works really well...
My hubby put it on one night and woke up the next morning and was telling me how soft it made his lips lol.

Lastly, the best thing is that it is pure, organic & 100% natural.


  1. Salaam maria! I was just wondering whether you could do a skin care routine post? And if you could recommend a good eye cream for dark puffy undereye? Xx

  2. Walaikum As'Salaam anon :)
    Oh gosh.. I have been going through the worst time with my skin atm... and as depressing as it sounds I think it's either my skin is ageing (im 23 but really it doesn't feel as nice as it use to last yr!) or that my diet isn't very good.

    I can insha'allah do one when I get it back on track? I have ordered a beauty balm from clarins that I am going to try.. and I'l do a review insha'allah x

    I don't know of any undereye cream.. but only concealer to cover it? the best I have ever used is m.a.c select moisture cover..

    it isn't dry so doesn't look flakey on the skin and it blends really well.

  3. Might give it a try inshaAllah. I use the forever living lip balm and when I don't have that I adore Carmex. Other than that don't use anything else but vaseline. My hub is always eyeing up my creams and then pinching them!! I find them in his glove compartment! lol

    1. Ahh what are men like! lol
      To be honest... the one lip balm, multi use cream I will recommend more than this is elizabeth arden 8 hour cream.. it is the best thing ever.
      I use it when I get patches of horribly dry skin and it soothes it.. and use it on my lips all the time a little while before applying lipstick as it hydrates them.