Hubbys Attar Corner

Alongside my vanity I posted a few days ago, my hubby has his tiny space for his Aftershaves (which he has stopped using but I told him to keep there because they looked nice lol) & Attar.
All these Attar bottles were gifted to my hubby by his mum & sisters when they got back from Abu Dhabi!
Lucky mister :)

The largest one was the most expensive, it is real crystal and so heavy!
The bottle looks beautiful masha'allah.

I'm not a huge fan of sweet smells and all these are sweet, they have taken a little getting use to as I prefer more fresher muskier smells.
He's obsessed over them!

I think I may buy him some more on Eid so he can add them to his collection insha'allah.

Definitely a present you could buy your hubby/brother/father.

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