So here is my vanity, nothing too special but Insha'Allah we will be moving soon so I will be able to have a better set up to show you guys!
I have too much to store and too little space and this is not all I have, other things are in boxes etc as I don't have enough room to put everything out at the moment.

Stack On the Right

This is the most top set of two, I have it open so I can store more things

I have two of these stacked under the Flip Top

I have this in the drawer where I store my single shadows/pigments however I don't really need it in there.

In here I keep my brushes and lip pencils.

Make Up Bag with Essentials (to go) . M.A.C

Stack On the Left

I have two of these stacked on top of each other, they don't lock together like the others but they do stay put.
In these I keep my rings & hijab Accessories.

I use these to keep my eyeshadow/blush palettes in place on top of the jewellery case.

Small Acrylic Desk Pot - 3 Partitions . Muji
I use this to house my hijab & safety pins.
Take a closer look on my previous post 'Pins. Pins. Pins.' here.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post :)
If you would like a full make up collection/jewellery post then do let me know.

Hope you all are having a lovely weekend.


  1. oh wow love it! do u have any tips for someone who relli doesn't wear makeup but wants to start a make up collection! whats good to have wat are the essentials and wat brands are the best?
    btw great blog!

    love F.A

    1. Thank You hun :)
      ooh, I think I should do a post on this but i'll give you a quick low down so you get a answer soon as :)


      Too Faced Eyeshadow palettes (Which you can purchase from boots)
      They are all lovely and they have some very nice new ones out..but I have to which is what I use pretty much all the time for smokey eyes or natural looks.
      Naked Eye Palette (Every day wear, simple grey eyes but I also use this for black smokey eyes)
      Natural Eye Palette (Every day natural wear but I also use this for dark brown smokey eyes)

      Naked Urban decay palettes are also really good but I would say buy the top two first.


      Sleek blushers are cheap and work really well.. they ones I have used are in my post 'blush by 3'
      Mac blushers are nice too, I have about four but want to buy more
      (I'm currently building up on my blush collection)

      M.A.C Lipsticks are my favourite, I have tried cheap makes but I either always hate the smell or hate the consistency. M.A.C Lippys are worth the money & you also get a free lippy from back to mac where you trade in 6 m.a.c packaging for a lippy.

      & finally, if you need it.. then foundation and concealer.

      Hope this helped for now.. I will do a post on my make up collection soon.. I don't have a lot to be honest so you can have a look at the stuff I think is worth the money.


  2. the transparent organizer is a good idea. you must have no problem getting ready in a rush ! and i lovee your ring collection masha'Allah :)

    1. Haha that is very true! I can see whats where ^_^
      Thank youuh!

  3. Great storage and agree looooooove the rings! I've recently switched my jewellery collection into clear storage and love the look of it.

    A full jewellery post would be great :)

    1. Thanks hun!
      This is why I had asked you a while ago where you got your acrylic tissue box.. it will go with all of this! Still not managed to get it yet, but insha'allah when I move I will get it :)

      I will do a jewellery post soon then :)

  4. Your collection is awesome xD