Violet Rose & Bus Stop Vintage

 Finally I have got a chance to put the images together from Judy's Vintage Fair in Manchester!
I will have to do it in 3 parts because there are way too many images lol.
It was bigger than any vintage fair I had been to before, and a lot of the people who owned the stores were very lovely :)

When it comes to vintage, I love the bags & the jewellery in particular brooches (something I never wear but always seem to buy :/)
Although I loved the fair I only purchased one Item and I will show you that in the third post.

I photographed only 3 stalls which stood out to me and this is the first.

Stall by two vintage shops from Shrewsbury

I think they are having a vintage fair at their shop on Saturday 26th May, click on their name above and it will direct you to their facebook page for more details.

Click on their name above to be directed to their site for more information.

I don't know which items were from which shops but I adored the brooches & bags!
The feel of this stall was welcoming, I love the way they had set it up, making you want to rummage through boxes.
I don't know why I wasn't in the mood for hunting around at the clothes.
But my younger sister bought a long check shirt from this stall for comfy everyday college wear.


  1. I got my dress from Violet Rose ^_^
    Gosh, I forgot how lovely those brooches were ):

    1. Well you must leme take a pic and put it up on here then :P
      They are gorgeous aren't they! x