Hijab Friendly Maxi with Slits

Maroon Cotton Scarf . MH Hijabs

Blazer . H&M

Grey Maxi Dress with Slits . H&M
The slits weren't very high when I bought this, knowing the way I wanted to wear it.. I got my mum to open the seam up to the hips and hem up the frayed edges.
Also, as I didn't want it too fitted I got a size 14..
therefore it was really long on me so I used a belt on my waist and pulled up the dressed to cover the belt so it pulled up the length.

Maroon Palazzo Jumpsuit . Topshop

I'm in love with the way I altered this dress.. it means I can it layer with different colours :)
I have worn this with a turquoise maxi skirt which I will post soon.

Hope you guys have enjoyed the weather in england!
I personally have found it wayy too hot.. as I don't have very many summer friendly clothes! :(

Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.


  1. love it..fantastic idea to have the slip higher and under layer it with colour..

  2. love it :) you're such an inspiration mashaAllah.
    Are the slits on one side only or both?

    1. Jazakallah my lovely :)
      They are on both sides... they have them everywhere now..
      I use to get so frustrated when I saw a maxi and liked and then realised it had slits.. so glad I managed to make it work in a hijabi friendly way.

  3. MashaALLAH sister you look modest and still carry your own style well. Nice blog. Keep in touch inshaAllah I blog from time to time on my style of clothes too. Peace!

    1. Jazakallah Khairun lovely :)
      Will check it out insha'allah xx