Maxi Skirt Buys

 Grey Jersey Maxi Skirt . Warehouse

 Black Jersey Maxi Skirt . Warehouse

These two are the most gorgeous jersey skirts I have tried on so far.
They aren't too clingy and give a figure flattering look.
I managed to get these two for £30 instore with jubliee promotions.
Will post when I get a chance to take pictures in these :)
They have a coral colour which wasn't very me but my sister in law bought it.. and it looked gorgeous on her masha'allah.

This skirt gives more of a dressy look compared to the jersey skirt (that is how I justified getting two black skirts lol) 
I wore this out last night with a grey chiffon draped blouse.

.  Maxi Tip  .
I find maxi skirts/dresses are always slightly see through.. even the jersey ones.

What I wear underneath is an underskirt which you wear under sarees.. it is a comfortable material and doesn't ruin the shape of the skirt too much.
You can get these from shops that sell sarees in all different colours.

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