Zara Summer 2012 Picks

Long Shirt Style Tunic . £35.99
Slate Grey Palazzo Trousers . £39.99

So, I have been on the hunt for maxi skirts and maxi dresses and maxi cardigans for like forever!
I went shopping and bought some yesterday! Will post which ones I bought in the next post.

However, Zara has so many amazing maxi pieces in!
I pretty much tried all of these on and loved each and everyone.. however as you can see they are so ridiculously priced.
I'm going to have a long think about investing in one of these items... would you say it would be worth it?
The materials are very formal-esqe.. compared to the chiffon and jersey ones you find all the time.

Help me out! lol

Or do you know of any other stores that are doing anything similar?


  1. go to new look they have so many there...i have so many maxi dresses and skirts from there hun there like 15. Also i saw in your other post how you mentioned your skin is acting up...mine was also and i realised it was the make up i was using (MAC) it has some type of oil or something that dose not suit everyone...a few of my cousins and firends had the same problem xxx

    1. Ahh, I bought one from newlook! I will post it a little later x
      Thank you for letting me know about mac hun.. I think it is time to invest in another foundation then.. something better for my skin.
      What is suprising is that i've been using my foundation for years and it has started affecting me now? maybe because my skin is more sensitive now?

    2. yeah, same with me i was using mac for around 3 years! im 23 now and my skin is going through some crazy changes lol. Im using BECCA now, they have amazing tones, best for asian skin check it out xxx

    3. I'm the same.. 23 and been using mac for that long too x
      Oh gosh.. i'm so upset now lol.. i feel like i'm getting old :( haha
      I will have to hunt down a new foundation.. will check BECCA out.. thank you x

  2. I think you should definitely invest in some because knowing Zara, they'll definitely be great quality and will last long. And once this whole maxi fad goes away, you'll be limited for choice.
    I'm definitely wowed myself with some of the pieces :)


    1. I do have a skirt from zara that I bought about a year or two ago.. and it is really good quality.. and your right I'm best off stocking up now.
      It's just soo much money lol.. tempted to wait for sales.. but then don't know if they will go out of stock too quick?
      I may buy one thing.. and then leave the rest for sales.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh gosh me too.. I wish they had more colours in it though.