Necklace as Hijab Accessory

This necklace is one of my mums, I think it's real silver.
I adore it :)
It looks nicer on my hijab than it used to when I wore it as an actual necklace.

(Full outfit post here.)

The images pretty much show you where and how I pinned this necklace, this was quite easy as it had gaps in the necklace.
However, it doesn't always work this way and I will do a similar post where I used a bracelet.

Hope this helps you guys that were interested and want to make the most out of your accessories!
Something you could try for Eid maybe?

How is ramadhan going for you guys?
I feel like I'm not getting a chance to make the most out of it as we are moving house in two weeks or so and we have to get the house sorted and ready before we move in.
Oh how I never thought I would get sick of shopping!
Decorating shopping is killing me!
Anywhooo, enough of my rant..

Hope you guys are having a more relaxing and productive time during this blessed month insha'allah.

Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.


  1. This is great mA. Can you do a pic tutorial of how you wrap your bobble scarf too please? =P

    1. Jazakallah Khair x
      Insha'Allah in the very near future :) x

  2. Wow so clever I will try with my choker necklaces x

    Please follow my blog sis me and my sister do blogs on fashion, Islam, and cooking!

    1. Thanks x
      Hope you've managed to do it with your choker necklaces :)