Attar that isn't Sweet

Ajmal Attar . I'm Coco & Lucky

I stopped wearing the usual perfumes that contain alcohol a good few months ago and as an alternative wanted to use attar but I always thought attar was very sweet smelling.
I'm not a huge fan of sweet smelling scents so I was really happy when I heard you could get attar oils that smelt like the usual perfumes.

So when my mother in law went to dubai for holiday this was the one thing I asked for.
Attar that smelt like Chanel Chance (my all time favourite smell) and Chanel Coco Mademoiselle.

They don't smell exactly the same but they have similar scents which I am happy with :)
So if you're ever in dubai, pop into Ajmal if like me you want attar that smells like your favourite perfume.


  1. Do they match the scents or something if you tell them the perfume? I have been to those shops and most of the time I am so turned off by the men behind the counter...I quickly run out.

    1. In all honesty I have no idea!
      My hubbys best friend in dubai took my mother in law to buy this as she told him what I wanted. I understand what you mean, I guess it is best to take your mahram with you? x