Out of Stock - Hate!

Matt & Nat Bookie Stardust Handbag

So I ordered this bag on Asos.. I was so excited because I'm really picky when it comes to bags and it had taken me a good few days to be certain.
It was low in stock at the time but my order went through.
However a few days later I was sent an 'urgent' email by them and was told that the bag was out of stock.

Now I have been searching high and low for a bag of my taste and there is nothing out there :(

Too much hatred for Asos for getting my hopes up right now.

Rants over, now I can be calm.. lol
any of you have any suggestions where I could find a similar bag?


  1. Try Zara! Pretty sure I saw something similar there not long ago =p

    ps: can you get rid of the word verification, its a really pain sometimes =/

    1. Ahh, that was the second store I searched online.. saw a few things that may be a possible buy but I'm gonna pop into store 2mrw and see what they are like in person!
      Word verification gone :) x

  2. I have been thinking about trying Asos. Have you ordered anything else from there before? You should do a review if so!!

    1. All in all asos is really good for buying online, free postage and free returns with no fuss... this particular time just ticked me off but i guess it happens.
      I have bought a few things.. and my sister has bought more.. I bought a extreme dipped back top worn in this post:

    2. If you want, you can take pictures of stuff I buy for an Asos reveiw? :)

    3. u need to start a blog missy!