Plumful Shades

An outfit I wore to a friends wedding a few days ago.

Plum Chinyere Churidaar Outfit . Burooj
I borrowed this from my sister, we have such different body shapes but always manage to fit into each others clothes! What are sisters for ;)
She wore this outfit on my wedding last year.

I had to wear my d.i.y sleeves (I made in this post) under this as the length of the sleeve lining was only 3/4.
New Look
Head Over Heels
(Wilmslow Road Manchester)

Earring Used as Tikka . Mikey London

Gold Ring . Gift from Sister In Law

Eyelashes . Eldora

Purple Patent & Suede Court Shoes with Bow . Carvela
xDisclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.


  1. Wow, that suit is absolutely gorgeous MashAllah! Love the detailing! xx

  2. Great outfit and you look beautiful mA! Love how you've accessorised and the sleeves are sooo dleicate and pretty. This is defo your colour!

    1. Thank you hun! It's a tricky colour i real life... its a plumy pink and I don't think the camera picked it up well. Either way I love it but it is so hard to find other suits the same colour. such a bummer.. guess it makes it unique though :) x

  3. ps. thankyou for taking off the word verification! =P

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  5. Looks stunning Masha'Allah! I'd love u to do a hijab tutorial or even basic step by step instructions on your hijab style! It is, by far, the prettiest i've seen!!

    1. Jazka'allah khair hun! x
      Ahh I think my friend has an illustration or something of how this hijab style is done.. or maybe soon I will try taking photos so I can show you better insha'Allah x