A/W Pieces / Recent Buys

Black Velvet Leopard Print Scarf . H&M . £13
A little pricey but I know if I didn't buy it and in the future I wanted something like this then I would kick myself! haha
I have something very similar which I bought in Blackburn but it is a very small size and this was a little bigger.

Dipped Back Dark Red Top . Primark . £6
I have this in grey and it is a go to top when I'm in a hurry so thought it would be worth it getting it in this colour too :) Especially at this price!

Fint Knit Jumper . Primark . £6
Younger sister had this and told me it is an amazingly soft material and she was right!
Another day to day top which you can grab when you're in a hurry.

Blue Dipped Back Chiffon Panel Dress . River Island . (Can't find the price :( )
My staple pieces are my dipped back pieces!
I am in love with black and deep colours and have been looking for navy for a while and so I couldn't pass buying this.
It fits like a glove and it has the leather accents which I am also loving.

Grey Natural Linen Dress . Devided H&M . £29.99
This was from the 'Grey Concept' range that came out in H&M, me and my sister couldn't wait for this to come out.
I bought this, a black hooded cardigan and a scarf from the collection which I should really post too!
It has an allsaintsy look going on with the drapeyness.
In love with this dress but I am trying to find the perfect leather jacket to go with it to make that outfit.


  1. assalaamu alaikum. love the scarf. could you please let me know what size it is?

  2. Replies
    1. oops.. only one h&m dress the other is from river island x

  3. I love your black leopard print scarf. Im a scarf fanatic so if it will work well with your wardrobe then spending a little more is worth it IMO. :)

    1. My opinion too!
      I'm beginning to build up a velvet collection in scarves lol.. they just make an an evening outfit ^_^ x
      Hope you are well Insha'Allah!

  4. where can I get a velvet black hijab from I'm from Manchester, I need it as soon as! xxxxx

    1. I bought this one from H&M...
      If you're familiar with longsight market.. the man who sells scarves, abayas and attar has something similar with floral print instead of leopard.. but is not as good quality as this one.