Kiehl's Avocado Eye Treatment

Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado . Kiehl's

I bought this after reading up on how important it is to look after your eye area even before you begin to get aged skin.
It is the first eye cream I have tried so I can't compare with others, but I do really lo ve it.
Definitely moisturises my eye area really well without it being too heavy.

With it being the first time shopping at Kiehl's I was suprised when asked what sample I wanted.. I asked for skin cream and she gave me a decent sized bottle of the 'Ultra Facial Moisturiser'.
My sister was with me and she had been telling me how it is really popular.

Here it is in comparison with the size of the eye cream.

I personally don't like it as much as my lush cream, it doesn't leave my skin feeling supple the way my 'celestial' cream does.
Glad I got to try it though :)
I may just give it my sister to see if it works for her.

Do you use eye creams?
If so do you have any recommendations for ones that work just as good with a lower price tag?

(p.s. I think I got this for around £18 with discount that was on in house of fraser.)

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