Latest Lush Love

New Lush stuffs I am using at the moment.
Updated lush skin combo for the dryness the winter brings!

Rose Jam - Bubble Bar
I'm not a big bath person.. but we all need a lil soak alone time now and again ^_^
My first lush bath smells divine!
Think I will be trying a bath melt next :D

Let the Good Times Roll - Facial Cleanser
So after having two pots of mask of magnaminty I wanted to try something different.
After talking to the lovely lady in Lush (they're all always so helpful!) she recommended this for my dryish skin.
It is PERFECT... I am so in 
It has a very fine exfoliating texture which leaves my skin feeling buffed but also nourishes my skin ..perfect for this weather.
The buttery caramel scent really does linger on your skin.
It is one of very few a sweet smells that I actually really really like!
Unfortunately it is only available this season.. I am going to be going back very soon to get another pot for when this runs out!

Celestial - Facial Moisturiser
After picking my facial cleanser the lovely lady in lush was advising me on my facial moisturiser. I previously used Imperialis which I really loved.. however she told me to try this.
Telling me it is a level up from Imperialis in moisturising.. which my skin would benefit from with it being winter.
I was a little worried it would be too heavy but it is so lightweight.. sinks into the skin really quick and is suprisingly less greasy than Imperialis.

(I told her that I first started on skin drink and it felt really heavy and she told me that skin drink is a level up from this moisturiser.. no wonder!)

This with my new facial cleanser are a perfect match.

Daddy-o Shampoo
So I purely got this because my sister bought it and I washed my hair with it when I went to stay at my mums and when I came home... hubby loved it.
I don't really like the scent but I think it's growing on me.
I previously swore by Rehab.. but I thought I would give my hair a lil change ^_^
My sister said it made her hair look lighter and I think it does make my hair look more brown than it looked before.

Do you guys have any recommendations on Lush bath products??


  1. I love let the good times roll! The smell is absolutely divine, i really hope they make it a permanent product! ...hmm i'd definitely recommend the comforter bubble bar - it makes tons of soft bubbles and smells like berries and strawberry bonbons! Cupcake, the fresh face mask is also amazing, very cleansing & softening :) x

    1. I hope they do too! I will definitely check those out!
      Thank You ^_^
      Only thing I hate about fresh face masks is having to keep them in the fridge.. always forget to get it.. however I have lots of black pots so will get the cupcake next! Xx