Baby Boom Gifts

So lately everyone around me is having babies!
Of course it has been making me broody!
Now everywhere I go I am looking at baby clothes.. Insha'Allah I will be have my own little bundle of joys soon.
But in the mean time I have many good friends and a niece and a nephew I can buy all these cutesy clothes for ^_^

I thought I would show you what I bought for one of my closest friends sister when she had her masha'allah gorgeous baby boy.
Here are a few clothes for the lil one.
I am a fan of mini versions of mens clothes rather than the clothes with cute cartoons.
 Everyone knows Next has some of the cutest clothes for kids. They have less for the new borns but I managed to find this. I fell in love with the check detailing on the pocket and elbows.
 Surprisingly tesco have really nice baby clothes!
I found this and couldn't resist getting it... it looked super comfy for the cold weather.
 H&M is one of my favourite shops to buy kids clothes.
They have exactly what I said I liked before, mini versions of mens clothes.

Aside from clothes I bought this baby bee starter kit.
I have heard a lot of good this about this brand, my sister use to use these on her lil ones.
I bought this from boots and I got another friend this too for her lil girl.

And of course you cannot forget the woman who went through the experience of having a child!
What better to get than something they can use to relax ^_^
I knew this mum loved having baths so I got a gift box that included Lush's amazingly scented bath products.

Hope you guys liked this post, I will post more baby posts soon Insha'Allah with gifts I buy for my nephew and niece.


  1. aww everything is so nice! are u expecting sis? and yeh burts bees is amazing!

  2. And oh how I appreciated all the presents!! The clothes look fab on the little man xxx

  3. How cute is that! I wish I already had a baby, so I can go for some babyshopping :-)

  4. All these are great gifts and those door signs are adorable and it is nice for decoration too.
    Customised baby wear