At the Top - Burj Khalifa . Dubai

So I had heard mixed opinions about going to the top, majority were that it was a must and others said you just go to the top walk around and that is it.
My opinion, if you are visiting Dubai, going to the top of Burj Khalifa is a must!
How could you go and not visit a world famous building!

I personally really enjoyed it, the photographs do not do it justice in the slightest.. it is something you have to experience.
Hubby as you can see in the pics loved everything about it. He was all into seeing how it was built as well as the amazing view at the top.  Unlike others he spent his time looking at all the facts and figures that they had about the construction as we were heading out, must be something to do with his engineering background ^_^

The experience itself:

Walking up to the lift is a little walk in itself, kind of reminded me of when you have a pathway to walk when you're going on a big ride in alton towers! (odd comparison haha)
You then have a que to wait in before you get into the lift, we didn't have to wait that long
Going up the lift is amazing, you can see how quick it goes by watching the floor numbers
When you are up you can have a look around, you can get photos taken and there is a merchandise shop
Waiting to go down was a killer, the que was huge.. I don't know if it is like that all the time though
Finally, as you are exiting the experience you go through a walkway that has interactive videos and models about the planning and construction of the Burj Khalifa.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post :)

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