Back from Dubai!

Dubai Skyline Sunset

So I have been absent on here for quite some time!
But I finally got a chance to get away with hubby ^_^
Dubai was amazing!

Definitely want to go back again!
Hubby lived there for a couple of years which made it a little easier as he was familiar with the city.

I'm thinking of posting the places I loved and would recommend to visit in some future posts.
I also bought a few things that I would love to share on here.
All in good time insha'allah ^_^

Hope you are all well!


  1. Welcome back! You look kinda young to be married :O Glad you had a great time anyway.

    1. Aww thats a lovely compliment! lol
      I'm 24 got married alhamdulillah 1 and a half years ago, so this was kind of a belated honeymoon ^_^ x