Dubai Buys . Silver Rings

UAE (or KSA, they were connected so could have been either) Section

UAE Section

From a small shop which was full of jewellery, don't remember the name :(

Same shop as the one above

I'm a sucker for real silver jewellery, rings in particular.  So I was more than happy with the ones I managed to add to my jewellery collection ^_^
However I think I could have haggled them down a little more, it was my first time but insha'allah i'll do better next time!
The most expensive ring was the first one I bought (the red/pink stone one) which I paid £20 for but as I didn't know what price to expect to pay I just bought it because I liked it. However after having a snoop around me and hubby managed to haggle down the rest to around around £14 ish.

Definitely don't ever agree to the first price they give.. be stern and haggle!

Do you guys know of any other places whether it be dubai or manchester where you can get real silver rings at a decent price?

Hope you liked this post!
Hoping to do more 'dubai buys' posts.. I didn't get a lot, mainly got gifts for family but I will share what I did get insha'allah ^_^

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