Mini Dubai Beauty Haul

So here are the few beauty bits I picked up on my trip to Dubai!
I actually thought I would have gone crazy make up shopping but I don't know what happend lol.
I know there is not a lot here but thought I would share anyway :)

Sensibio H20 . Bioderma . Aster Pharmacy

This is a product I fell in love with a good few months ago after I bought it from Amazon.
I had already gone through two bottles of this, so when I found it with a pump dispenser and it was slightly cheaper, I just had to buy it!
 I use this to remove my make-up, and it all comes off so much easier than the wipes I use to use.
It is particularly good to take off my stubborn mascara without being harsh on the eyes.
With the old bottle I felt I was wasting too much of the liquid when I just poured it onto my oval pads. However with the pump dispenser, it lets you pump the right amount out without wasting too much.

Aqua Lip 14C & Aqua Eyes 3L
Make Up Forever . Sephora

I wish we had Make Up Forever readily available in the UK!
I love wearing lip pencils all over the lip, the colour lasts longer than lipstick and looks effortless and a little more natural.
I needed a pinky mauve shade as I had lost my favourite No7 Plum lip liner. I was trying to hunt it down in every Boots nearby before I left for Dubai but unfortunately it was out of stock everywhere!
So this Aqua lip liner was a nice replacement :)

The navy Aqua Eyes pencil was one that I had my eye on years ago when I saw a youtube guru use it on a blue smokey eye.
I haven't used this yet but I can't wait to try it out!

Exfoliating Face Brush . Sephora Collection

I saw this on a beauty haul by sototallyvlog.
It is her cheap substitute for the Clarisonic. I haven't tried this yet but I'll be trying it soon!

Cream Lip Stain . 04 . Sephora Collection

Oh my, I love this!
It is different to anything I have tried, a lip cream that is so smooth on the lips that is a stain!
I wore this in my post:
Black Velvet and Deep Lips

Possibly my favourite lip product of the moment!
Only thing you need to be careful of is as it is a stain, be careful to not go outside the lip line as it's not as easy to neaten up as lipstick.

Xtreme Lip Cream . Buttery Nude
Soft Matte Lip Cream . San Paulo
NYX . Lifestyle, Centrepoint

I'm not a big fan of gloss, but I picked up Buttery Nude to dab in the centre of my bottom lip on the days I want to add a little glam in the evening to my nude lips.

I misplaced my collection 2000 'Cream Puff' lip cream in the shade 'Fairy Cake 3' which is an amazingly cheap dupe to the NYX San Paulo lip cream. It smells exactly the same too.
The only reason I bought this in Dubai and not wait until I got back to the UK was because it was my favourite easy lip product to wear in the daytime in Dubai.
I would have picked up some more as they have more of a variety of shades in the NYX range, but I felt most of them were too light or vibrant for my skin-tone so I gave it a miss.

Hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. Assalaamu alaikum. Gorgeous products! I dont wear make up but theres a website called guru makeup emporium that sells make up forever products. I came across it looking for skincare products. X

    1. وعليكم السلام
      Jazakallah for sharing hun!
      Only problem is I like checking out the products in person.. but I'll definitely check it out if I know I want something from there. ^_^ x