The Dubai Mall . Dubai

The Dubai Mall 
The Dubai Fountain

These pictures do not show you the full amazingness of The Dubai Mall, I cannot express how big it is!
I was overwhelmed the first day we went, it was so big that it took us half an hour to manage to find the place we wanted to eat!
It was beautiful though, puts the Trafford Centre to shame by a million miles!
As you can see in the pictures, each section has its own feel depending on the types of shops.
You cannot do the entire mall in one day, we popped back about 3 times and still never got to see all of it! We got too tired walking lol
The water fountain outside the Mall overlooking the Burj Khalifa is also something lovely to see, the mist of water will reach you while you are stood watching it!  However it is really short, it would have been nicer if it lasted longer :)

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