Wednesday Words . The Unanswered Du'as

I really miss graphic design, most particularly playing with typography and words.  So I thought I would post some inspirational or just thought provoking 'word' related posts every Wednesday.
They will either relate to my thoughts throughout that week, or just something I stumbled upon and wanted to share :)

I came across this post on tumblr, they are words that give you comfort through the times you are praying your hardest but your dua's (prayers) are not being answered.
To give you hope.
Allahu A'alam (Allah knows best)

There’ll be days in which you’ll thank Allah that not all your prayers were answered.” - Abdulbary Yahya
*according to some authentic ahadeeth, there will be that day. And that day is the Day of Judgment. These unanswered duas will pile up to save you. Like a Golden Ticket.

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