Chin Chin Labs Nitro Ice-Cream . London

So hubby and I popped to London for a weekend and spent time with my cousin and her hubby.
We didn't have much time to explore but I will post the places I did manage to go to In shaa'Allah

(from left to right)

Pondicherry Vanilla Ice Cream with Caramel Sauce and Caramelised Pretzel
Valrhona Chocolate Ice Cream with Valrhona Chocolate Sauce, Crunchy Hazelnuts and Caramelised Pretzel
White Choc Easter Egg (with Silver Foil) With Crunchy Hazelnuts

I heard about this place around a year ago while flicking through Muslimah in Reverie 's blog and I so badly wanted to try it!
We didn't get a chance to fully explore Camden but I was happy to have had a chance to try this nitrogen ice cream!
It truly was scrummy!

They have a few different flavours (as you can see on the menu), which they change every so often so you can try something different every time.

Only downside is that the seating is limited so I felt I couldn't fully relax as I didn't want people that were coming in to have to wait too long while we were sat chatting.
Aside from that I loved it! Definitely recommend popping down if you around Camden Lock in London.


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