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So this was the one shop in London that I made sure I got to visit!
Everyone is raving about & Other Stories so I wanted to check it out.  Unfortunately it is only in London for the time being, I hope they bring it to Manchester soon.
I loved everything about this store; the shop front, window displays, in store displays, packaging and of course the products themselves.
Only downside is the price of the items, however you can tell the quality is good so I guess it's worth the money.

Shinjuku Bloom Bodyscrub . Smells like scattered cherry blossom petals

I wasn't even looking to buy a bath product as I am happy with my all time favourite 'flake away' scrub by soap and glory. However I went to smell this and I couldn't not buy it! The smell is devine!
I thought the pot would be a little small and would run out quick, but I was wrong.. this (unlike the flake away) lathers up a little when you are rubbing it into the skin so you could say it covers more body surface if that makes sense?
I would definitely recommend this, I am now gutted that I didn't smell the other scents for when I order more online.

Imperial Carmine . A pinky brown creamy matte lipstick
Ok so I wasn't completely happy with this lipstick on its own, it gives a little sheen which I don't like in lipsticks (you know the sheen that you get from drugstore lipsticks?)
However when I tried it on in the shop I loved it on top of another lipstick I had on.
I do mix my lipsticks a lot, so I think I can make this work in some way maybe over my lighter nudes.

I was initially looking to buy the cream contour but it was out of stock :(
However luckily with my purchase I got a free shipping coupon!
So I am holding onto that and hopefully you will have a bigger haul with more from & other stories!
Have any of you lovelies bought anything from this store that you would recommend?
Please do let me know so I can see what else to buy ^_^

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