Vintage Tea Party with Amenakin . Smiles Better Campaign

Vintage Tea Party raising awareness of Acid Victims

I haven't been to a tea party like this before, it is such an amazing idea!
Even though the event was a fun gathering, the point of it all was a very serious matter.
The talk given by one of the volunteers really hit home.
The stories of these victims are really upsetting.
A story that really hit me was of a little baby boy who was spoon fed acid by his own auntie.  This was all because she was jealous as she didn't have a boy that would inherit what this little boy would.
What has this world come to?
These victims lives are ruined by other peoples jealousy
Why should anyone think that it is ok to do that to another. 
It sickens me.

However we can help by raising money to help these people have a better quality of life.
You can have fun like I did at this party but at the same time be raising money to help others.
Click on the link below to view more information on this charity campaign.

A bonus of this event was meeting Amena from Pearl Daisy.
I have been watching her youtube videos from when she first started and honestly she has been such an inspiration. Especially when I decided to wear hijab, she was a role model I could look up to.
MashaaAllah she is such a lovely person, so down to earth and took the time out to speak to whomever went up to her.
Awkward moment was when I was getting my friend to take ootd pictures that I've used in this post and Amena came walking up with some of my other friends and was waiting to take a picture where I was stood.
I stood there star struck and embarrassed when she said that she'll wait until I was done! 
I couldn't stand there posing with her watching! haha

Not to forget MashaaAllah she looked stunning! I'm sure you guys saw what she was wearing, but I was in love with her necklace.
My mum wore something similar on her wedding day with pearls.
Ahh.. an idea for a future post? My mums wedding outfit?

Anywhoo, hope you guys enjoyed this post :)

Lots of Love and Dua's


Disclaimer : Please do not re-post these photo's else where without my consent via email.

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