Baboushka's Silver . Stockport Vintage Village

formerly known on my blog as 'Lil Shop O' Silver'

I left the best til last as I wanted to dig up last years photos that I never uploaded.
The above are from the fair just gone & below are from last year.

I miss the branches and the tree that the stall use to have :(
Never the less it has the best silver jewellery!
Unfortunately I didn't buy anything this time round as I was looking for a thin ring that was similar to the one I bought last year and lost.

Below are the rings I purchased last year.
I loved them so much!
I wore the one on the left all the time and unfortunately lost it along with my wedding and engagement ring.
I was distraught... but it happens.

I definitely recommend checking out this stall if you are into your silver jewellery.
I think the stall is regular at the Stockport Vintage Village fair but you can keep up to date with their whereabouts on their Facebook page here.


  1. You lost your engagement and wedding rings?

    1. I did indeed... I was gutted but I guess I just wasn't meant to have them x