Intricate Regal Clutchness

Oh myy...
I had this website saved on my tabs as I had come across a bag of theirs that I liked when browsing (I think it was) Asiana Bridal Magazine.
I'm surprised I haven't come across this brand before!

These are only a few of the bags I liked, I will do some more posts on the other ones soon, including ones that would look perfect with bridal outfits.
I personally have started wearing more simpler outfits and I feel wearing a heavily embellished clutch can really make a simple outfit look well put together.

As well as wearing them with simple outfits, these would also be amazing with Desi formal wear.
I have a mini collection of clutches to go with my Desi outfits which I slowly purchased before I got married.
I don't get much wear out of them but at the time I wanted them to go with every outfit I had!

Only downside to these are that they are SUPER expensive.
But I guess they would be an investment if you know you will get a lot of wear out of them.
And I'm sure if you're getting married and one of their bags matched your wedding outfit, it would be worth spending that little extra for your special day!

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