Nude Chiffon & Terrible Embellishment

A few posts back I talked about how I was dying for this dress and that it was out of stock online.
I went shopping the other day and came across it in store!
I really REALLY wanted it, thought it would look perfect with a full length abaya / maxi slip underneath.
So I went to try it on and it was lovely, but I looked at the embroidery and it was really poor quality.
The sequins were coming undone and it was just really cheaply made, I was truly gutted.
I didn't think it was worth spending that much money on.
H&M please sort out the quality of embellished pieces! Especially your more expensive items.
Btw the size I tried on was a size 14, not my actual size but I am into wearing looser fit clothes. Also it would have been layered with a plain abaya/flowy dress underneath.

I need something this colour in my wardrobe! <3


  1. You look gorgeous!


    1. Thank You :)
      I felt mashed that day from shopping lol x