Arabic Wall Art / Read & Knowledge Room Inspiration

Reading Room / Prayer Room Inspiration

1. Bookshelf & Window Seat inspiration / Tumblr
This would be perfect; reading, reflecting on life and peering out at the world.

2. Iqra (Read) Arabic Wall Art Sticker / Sirah Arts
The word 'IQRA' means 'read' in arabic and would be fitting for a reading/relaxing room or a prayer room.
I love arabic calligraphy and more so when it is simple like this one, it can add a little something to a bare wall without it being too much.

3. Glas Box House Doctor / BlackBalloon
The boxes can be used as storage, lantern or decoration. Store a candle in it and use it as a candle holder. Decorate with shells, stones and other beautiful objects.

4. Grey Toned Cushions / NU Home
For comfort that adds a little pattern to simple rooms.

I personally would love this look in our prayer room, our walls are empty as is the room.
 I haven't got round to finding the perfect bits to add to the room so these images I have collated gives you an idea of what I would love it to be like.
I like the idea of having a really minimal feel, allowing you to really focus on yourself and prayer.
No distractions but just the word Iqra on the wall to remind you to just READ and reflect.

Office / Study Space Inspiration

1. Bibliotheque Fragranced Candle / Byredo Parfums
I am a big fan of candles! Scents can be so relaxing so I feel they are necessary in an office/working environment.

2. Office Space Insipration / heltenkelt
I am all about white and grey with black accents.
If I had a choice, our entire house would be these tones with a hint of colour.
I feel pain white/grey walls just do not distract you especially in study spaces.  Which means anything you put on your wall will get your attention, whether it be inspiration or notes.

3. ILM (Knowledge) Arabic Wall Art Sticker / Sirah Arts
The word ILM means knowledge in arabic, which would be fitting in an office space or study.
Definitely something I would use in my dreams study room.

4. Office Desk Storage Inspiration / trendenser
This is a simple desk tidy solution that looks lovely & I also adore the look of metal lamps.

5. Office Desk Inspiration / HOYSS Tumblr
A little cheesy but my husbands name begins with F and that is why I had to add this.
I would love this on our shared desk space!

Disclaimer : I personally do not believe that using Ayat's from the Quran as wall decoration is right, as the Quran is to be read and reflected upon and not used as decoration.  However I do not class words like 'Iqra' and 'Ilm' as words that are specific to the Quran and therefore not disrespectful.

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