' Keeping' my dreams away...

You know those times when you become so use to something and then it disappears and you think "what am I going to do without it?!, but then something better comes along? 
Well that is what happend to me recently with a website that I loved.
*hides face*
It is a little embarrassing how obsessed I was with 'Wantworthy'.
It was an online wishlist where you could add anything with a click of a button, just like you would add something to your bookmarks.
However a month back I got an email telling me that it was shutting down!
I was so annoyed as it was my way of keeping track of things I needed to buy for myself or other people.
I was so distraught that I was up all night complaining to my husband about it!

But then.. while searching for something similar, I came across 'Keep'.
And to my surprise it was much more organised.
It allows you to add your keeps to folders, follow other peoples keep accounts and also see what is trending on the site.

It's a good way to let people know what you really would like when they get you presents.
I used my friends account to see what to get her for Eid ^_^ 

Or it would also be great for a wedding or baby registry, with the plus side to it not being specific to a single store.
I use to do random posts labelled 'love to own' but I am seriously obsessed with 'keeping', so I guess I can post on what I 'keep' now.

If you ever want to have a peep at the things I am 'keeping' then here is my account:


  1. Ah, so it's not like pintrest? You keep things from shops?

    1. Yep you're right.
      Pinterest is more of a place to keep inspiration.
      Keep is more of a wishlist :)
      You can put the price too so you and other people can see how much it is before going onto the website. However annoyingly they only have the dollar option but not pound. So I'm just leaving it blank until they change it.