Tumblr Tuesday | Classic

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I was looking back through all my posts here on my blog and realised I have neglected it so much.
InshaaAllah I am hoping to get back to posting more consistently.

Tumblr Tuesday was a post that I use to look forward to on SHEWASVAIN's blog and as I am a tumblr junkie), I really wanted to start doing my own.
Her tumblr is amazing, it is worth following if you aren't doing already.

I find so many inspirational images & quotes on tumblr, so thought I would collate my favourite 'tumbles' every week with a theme.

p.s. links to all the images are numbered under the post.


  1. Ahhh, thank you darling, I love your tumblr tuesday x

    1. Aww your welcome doll!
      & Thank You!
      p.s. Please bring yours back! Xx