Vintage Black & Pearl Saree

My mother is amazing at looking after her things, especially when it comes to clothes.
She use to have the most amazing dress sense, I wish she had kept everything!

This is one of the sarees I had my eye on before I got married ^_^
It was was one of the outfits she had got from her in laws when she got married.
Delicate black chiffon with silvery pale gold and pearl embellishment on the border.

However I had to resize the saree belt because my mum was so skinny!
I had it resized in time for Eid ul Adha just gone and I can't wait to wear it again!

Oh and the mendhi I did myself ^_^ to check out my other designs go to Henna Defined.

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  1. It is a gorgeous saree mashallah!

  2. Mashallah the saree is beautiful, the embroidery looks delicate {which I love} x

    1. JazaakAllah hunny x
      It is super delicate, InshaaAllah I can keep it in good enough condition to pass down to my kids ^_^ x